Tuesday, September 23, 2014


I have posted many things in the past years. Some funny. Some rude. Some exciting and some stupid. Every time, I do it because I want to.

I wish, I did not have to post this today. It breaks my heart that even Leo's voice, will be taken with a grain of salt and ignored. No one man, no matter his name or position, can change what we are today, and where we will be tomorrow. I have no faith in my or your country and even less hope from governments around the world who see our climate as a hurdle and not a bridge. A gap between them and money, and not the hidden crevasse that it truly is.


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

A little update

Got to take a few shots with the rig ( d7100 ). Still learning. I was stuck with a 10-24mm. Wish I had a change of lens for this shot. If you miss me on Instagram, here are a few hits.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Two sunday songs to skip church

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I would rather be elsewhere today. But I am here. So might as well enjoy it. :)

Arcade Fire - Wake up

Stay Alive - Jose Gonzalez

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Ghosts Of Paraguay - Hadron [Free Download]

I am chasing music every night. I spend hours going through youtube and sound cloud looking for kick ass songs from unknown artists. After the 5000$ per track demands of the big boys from the last video, I am going gorilla and using tracks that are license free for the upcoming Lebanon and Spain videos. Here is one really good atmospheric track.

11.54 mb
Ghosts Of Paraguay - Hadron mp3

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Climb Higher Foundation update!

Peeps. I am so fucking happy.

Big Agnes is shipping out about 100 lbs of clothing for kids. John @ Petzl has shipped out 17 S and XS harnesses for our trip too. Jesus @ Boreal has committed 20 pairs of shoes and shipping them today to me for pre packing for Lebanon. Climbtech gave me 500 hangers and loads of anchors for the trip, so I can put up as many as 50 new routes of moderate grades with safe anchors.

Maxim Ropes is outfitting me with 2 x 100m / 2 x 80m 9.1 Airliners and 3 x Pinnacle Blue 70m for Bolting and a couple spools to leave for the clubs there so they can take kids out safely. :)

Malek @ The Boiler Room is always keen on helping, and I am sure he will not let me down this year :)

JM @ Allez-Up is king. Always ready to help.

I have spent the last week negotiating with Turkish Airlines and they have finally agreed to allow me to travel ( I bought the ticket ) with 5 x 30 kilo bags for free so I can bring all the gear at no charge. So Psyched.

Ibex Clothing is outfitting me for the trip too, cannot discount those guys. Really cool wool underwear. SOOOOOO SOFT" :)

La Sportiva is sending me 20 t's and sweat shirts in small sizes. So fucking cool.

Boreal is supplying us with Shoes, about 20 pairs. Down side, I will only have em after my trip to Leb. But I will make it work :) Thanks so much.

I will make sure to show you all the gear that is sent my way before I leave for Beirut. A video would be nice,  maybe I will do that :) Stay tuned

If you have gear or want your company to support this, don't hesitate to contact me anytime.

I really, really, could not do this with the support of these brave and solid companies. So please, next time you shop, make sure to support those who support our sport, and our way of life and focus. What goes around, come around. Cheers peeps.

I love the green, Sparks doesn't it? LOL :) xxx